Who are we 

Bart-mart.com – online wholesale hypermarket:
  • For everyone to benefit from us: each seller can place items for free, each buyer receives cashback and wholesale prices;
  • For vendors: get benefit from our assistance in marketing and sales;
  • For buyers: buy literally everything from us - from food to real estate in different countries, both in bulk and per piece.


To help small and medium-sized businesses develop and scale quickly, easily find partners and buyers, simply implement and use innovations in their business processes.

Vision and principles

  1. Our focus - manufacturers and their customers.
  2. Our top-priority - to create new jobs and support small and medium-sized businesses.
  3. Innovation - we are not building an ordinary marketplace, but an ecosystem (bart-mart.com is a part of it), in which both business and its customers will have the opportunity to intuitively interact with the maximum automation of operational activities.